Legislative Updates

See below the latest links to full reports from our Lobbyist for the Washington State legislature. Primary legislation we are tracking and supporting includes:

  • Tax on extraordinary profits from capital gains – HB 1496/SB 5096
  • Working Families Tax Credit – HB 1297 / SB 5387
  • Fair Starts for Kids Act – HB 1213/SB 5237
  • Improving Access to Paid Family and Medical Leave – HB 1073 & SB 5097
  • Protecting Pregnant Patients Act – SB 5140
  • Extending Apple Health to pregnant persons through 12 months postpartum – SB 5068

2/19/21 Washington State Legislative Update [click to read full report]

The 2021 legislative session is fast-approaching its second official cutoff deadline: fiscal committee cut-off. February 22nd is the last day to pass bills out of fiscal committees (House Appropriations, Senate Ways & Means, and House and Senate Transportation). Fiscal committee members are meeting for marathon sessions to pass as many bills out of committee as they can before the deadline. Advocates are working hard behind the scenes and in hearings to keep their bills moving forward. [click to read whole report…]

2/11/21 Washington State Legislative Update [click to read full report]

The 2021 legislative session is fast-approaching its first official cutoff deadline: policy committee cut-off. February 15th is the last day to pass bills out of policy committee. This does not apply to bills before House Appropriations, Senate Ways & Means, or transportation committees. Between February 15 and 22, the fiscal committee members will meet almost daily as they consider all of the policy bills that have fiscal implications. Bills must pass out of their fiscal committee to keep moving forward in the process. [click to read whole report…]

2/05/21 Washington State Legislative Update [click to read full report]

On Monday 2/1/21 Lobby Day, AAUW members rallied at the virtual capitol to support the organization’s 2021 legislative priorities. Attendees met with other AAUW members, signed-in to support priority bill hearings, and learned more about how things are shaking out in Washington’s first-ever virtual legislative session. [read more about this year’s Lobby Day…]

Next week will be jam-packed with hearings in House Finance on new, progressive revenue proposals:

  • HB 1465: A more progressive estate tax to invest in housing services and homelessness prevention. If you would like to sign in, here is the link: https://bit.ly/3oTQcqK
  • HB 1494: Would reduce the property tax burden and prevent displacement of BIPOC and elderly homeowners. To register your support, go here: https://bit.ly/39LiiQK
  • HB 1496: Would Implement a capital gains tax on Washington’s wealthiest households on extraordinary profits on stocks, bonds, and real estate and invest revenue in small businesses, direct cash assistance, and child care to drive economic recovery. Here is the link to sign in: https://bit.ly/3jgaJEQ[click to read more…]

1/29/21 Washington State Legislative Update

Time to take action on the Working Families Tax Credit (HB 1297/SB 5387)! HB 1297 will be heard in House Finance on Tuesday, February 2 at 1:30 and SB 5387 will be heard in Senate Human Services on Thursday, February 4 at 1:30. One of the great parts about virtual legislative session is that Washingtonians can participate in bill hearings and show your support for important legislation from home.

We need as many people as possible to show their support for HB 1297 on Tuesday and SB 5387 on Thursday. Here’s how: [click to read more…]

1/22/21 Washington State Legislative Update

The second week of Washington’s virtual session was dominated by committee hearings, residents navigating the new capabilities of virtual testimony, and a historic Inauguration in the other Washington. Several of AAUW’s priority bills received legislative hearings this past week, while a few new proposals were introduced in the House and Senate. [click to read more…]

1/15/21 Washington State Legislative Update

Week 1: Washington’s first virtual session is underway

The 2021 legislative session commenced on Monday, as legislators, staff, and advocates adapted to a session like no other. On Monday, members of the House and Senate, as well as staff, gathered at the capitol to adopt new rules that will allow for a virtual session. The House will be conducting a fully-remote session while the Senate will conduct most of its business virtually but will gather some Senators in Olympia for floor votes. In its 105-day session, the legislature will adopt new operating, capital, and transportation budgets for the 2021-23 biennium. The 2021 House and Senate are the most diverse and representative class of legislators in Washington history, with a historic number of people of color and women – including T’wina Nobles who will be the first Black woman to serve in the State Senate in a decade – elected to serve. [click to read more…]