Title IX

AAUW supports the strengthening of Title IX

The 2021-2023 AAUW Public Policy priorities directly identify strengthening and vigorously enforcing Title IX.

See AAUW national and AAUW Washington State activity below. Click here to read/download Quick Facts about Title IX …]


Gender Equity in Education Act (GEEA)click here for 2-Minute Activist info… This act would provide educational entities and Title IX coordinators the resources, training, and technical assistance necessary to ensure equity in education and would establish an Office of Gender Equity in the Department of Education to coordinate interagency enforcement of Title IX. GEEA would also authorize competitive grants to K-12 schools, colleges, local educational agencies, or states to support their gender equity work. AAUW supports federal legislation that strengthens students’ civil rights protections and Title IX enforcement, including comprehensive training and support for Title IX coordinators.

Title IX Take Responsibility Act of 2021 would amend Title IX to further define the actions educational institutions must take to prevent and correct the impacts of sexual harassment and assault, requiring more employees at schools to respond if they become aware of sex discrimination and holding institutions liable if they do not respond to sexual harassment with reasonable care. The bill would also allow students to sue their college or university over failure to enforce these rights under the established standards and allows for equitable relief for survivors.


AAUW-WA encourages our Branch affiliates to work closely with colleges and universities and local school districts to make sure Title IX rights and protections are enforced. See listing of current College and University Affiliations… Every educational institution receiving federal funding is required to have a Title IX coordinator. To find resources and information for your local school, search for the school name plus these keywords: “Title IX,” “sexual misconduct,” “gender-based harassment,” “safety policies” or “civil rights.”

The Seattle Times in 2022 published a comprehensive guide to Title IX in the state and nation and provides an extensive list of resources to study and use, especially relevant for AAUW leaders and members. Click here to read/download…