Diversity Action

Your branch or college/university partner can help! See below that Cornell University Professor Jamila Michener has suggestions for action:

“There are actually things that each of us can do in our own lives. We do not have to be passive observers of tragedy. Here are some questions that point us towards being agents of change instead of passive observers.

Do you know who your local District Attorney (DA) is? Are you familiar with their record vis-à-vis responding to racial violence? How do their actions (or failures to act) affect communities of color? Many DAs are elected. We can hold them accountable to taking steps to prevent and respond to incidents of racial violence and to make the justice system operate more equitably.

Do you know who your local elected representatives are (state legislators, local sheriffs, etc.)? Do you know anything about their record on issues related to racism, racial bias, racial violence, etc.? Do you know whether they support the kinds of ‘citizen arrest’ laws that sheltered Ahmaud Arbery’s killers from persecution for over two months?

We can hold elected officials accountable through our votes, we can write them letters, we can call their offices. But only if we know enough (and care enough) to pay attention and take action.”
quoted from Facebook, Cornell University Professor Jamila Michener