Public Policy Research

Message from the Board to Branch Leaders
from – April 2022

I don’t know about you, but I am always trying to remember where I saw that wonderful AAUW Report on Pay Equity or Sexual Harassment in the Workplace or Title IX.

So here is a list of AAUW Reports as of April 2022. Be sure to share with your local policymakers and community partners, friends and family when you are talking about an AAUW issue
Links are to webpages unless pdf report is noted. Let me know if a link is broken (webpages are always getting updated) or if I am missing one of your favorite go-to reports.

Pay Gap

Fast Facts: Gender Pay Gap

Systematic Racism and the Gender Pay Gap report pdf

Black Women and the Pay Gap

Latinas and the Pay Gap

Native Women and the Pay Gap

The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap 2021 Update report pdf

The Simple Truth 2018 Full Report report pdf

Other Workplace and Economic Security Issues

Fast Fact: Mothers and the Workplace

Fast Facts: Occupational Segregation

Women and the Gig Economy

Limiting Our Livelihoods: Cumulative Impact of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Full Report report pdf

Limiting Our Livelihoods: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Summary Report report pdf

Factory Flaw: The attrition and Retention of Women in Manufacturing report pdf

Age and the Workplace

5 Reasons Older Women Face the Pay Gap

Policy Recommendations: Retirement Security for Women

AAUW Career Trainings

Career and Technical Education

AAUW Career Center

Start Smart

For Employers

Employer Guide: Sexual Misconduct

Why Gender Equity is Good for Employers

Best Practice’s Playbook report pdf

COVID-19 Impact on Women

COVID-19 through the Gender Lens

AAUW Survey: NYC Women and the Pandemic report pdf

Leadership Gap

The Historic Diversity of 2021’s Incoming Leadership

Fast Facts: Women of Color in Higher Education

Women Working in Academia

Barriers and Bias Summary Report report pdf

Barriers and Bias Full Report report pdf

Broken Ladders: Barriers to Women’s Representation in Leadership in Nonprofits  report pdf

Education – K-12

Issues Facing Female Students of Color

Girls and Mental Health

Fast Facts: Early Barriers to Girls & Women in STEM

Closing the STEM GAP

Why So Few report pdf

Solving the Equation report pdf

The STEM Gap: Women and Girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Quick Facts: STEM report pdf

Crossing the Line: Sexual Harassment in Schools report pdf

Education – Early Learning

Preschool and Elementary Years

Myths about the Male Brain and Math

Education – Colleges and Universities

Challenges to the Teaching Profession

Fast Facts: Power Gap at Universities report pdf

The Women’s Power Gap at Elite Universities report pdf.

See College specific data here . . .

Title IX

Know your Rights: Title IX

Student Debt

Fast Facts: Women and Student Debt

Deeper in Debt 2021 Update report pdf

Deeper in Debt 2020 Full Report report pdf

Know Your Rights Series

Know your Rights: Title IX

Know Your Rights: Pregnancy Discrimination

Know Your Rights: PFML

Know Your Rights: Tenure Discrimination

Know Your Rights: Equity in Athletics