Public Policy Research

National and state studies inform our advocacy work

Message from the Board to Branch Leaders from

I don’t know about you, but I am always trying to remember where I saw that wonderful AAUW Report on xxx topic. So here is a list of AAUW quick reports that have links to deeper issue research. Be sure to share with your local policymakers and community partners, friends and family when you are talking about an AAUW issue.

Research Reports National AAUW

AAUW provides national research reports that are used widely by policymakers, advocacy groups and advocates to identify barriers to equity for women and girls and recommend policy and practice changes. Read more….

National AAUW website has a series of fast-fact reports on major issues with a national perspective – click here…

Washington State Quick Facts

AAUW-WA provides QUICK FACTS on high priority AAUW Washington state issues: