Seven “I”s of AAUW Membership

  • Invite:  You are each here because someone took the time to invite you.  You became a member for a variety of reasons.  Public service, networking, social are most often mentioned but the reasons are as varied as each of our members.  We all have a story to tell, share your story with others by getting them to one of our meetings.
  • Introduce:  Once here introduce your guest to other members.  Make them feel welcome.
  • InformInform them about AAUW and specifically about your branch.
  • Inquire:  Following the meeting/project, inquire about the experience.  Continue to follow up and invite prospective member back.  If all goes well, we have just gained a new member.
  • Integrate: Integrate them as a member of the branch, make sure they join an interest group, are on the newsletter distribution list, etc.
  • Invest:  Continue to invest in the member by checking if they need transportation to a meeting, follow up if they haven’t attended a meeting in a while, invite them to work on a project, etc.
  • Inspire:  Make sure the message about AAUW and your branch is out in the community, the stories will inspire your members and others.