AAUW spearheads the effort to get more women and girls involved in STEM. Read the latest news from AAUW’s national office below, and find more information on the AAUW website.


STEM is an initiative sponsored by AAUW to encourage girls and women to further their education in one of the STEM fields – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – areas where they traditionally have been and continue to be underrepresented and where there is the greatest opportunity for economic gain.

One of the STEM projects sponsored by local AAUW branches in Washington State is the Scholar Recognition Program for high school girls.

Many Washington state AAUW branches sponsor and support Expanding Your Horizons Mathematics & Science conferences for middle school and high school girls.  The Expanding Your Horizons Network lists additional EYH Conferences taking place in Washington State and througout the country.

The National Girls Collaborative Project coordinates various STEM initiatives and projects and serves as a clearing house for STEM-related information.

The Washington State STEM initiative was selected by a national committee to showcase its work at a “Taste of Success” event at the 2009 AAUW Association convention in St. Louis.  A handout highlighting the program were distributed to interested branch members from across the country.