2024 Vote to Change National AAUW Membership Requirements

message from Barbara Sando – AAUW-WA Bylaws Chair – bylaws@aauw-wa.org

National AAUW Voting Dates – April 3 – May 15
Watch your email for ballot access

You are probably aware of the upcoming vote on “Open Up AAUW”, the initiative to eliminate the college degree requirement for AAUW membership. The proposed National bylaws changes are detailed on the AAUW website at AAUW National Election 2024, where you can also find an Open Membership Toolkit and FAQ. In addition, the Open Up AAUW website contains much information on this change.

[ed. fyi. We have tried this vote several times and it has yet to pass.] Let’s make this vote to Open Up AAUW membership be our last vote on opening up AAUW membership! Please vote, and please vote YES to making AAUW the inclusive organization it strives to be.