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2020 – Multi-State AAUW Convention

April 17-19, 2020 – Vancouver, Washington

Reserve the dates on your calendar. Regional meeting inviting AAUW’ers from Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii. Maybe you can meet someone from Utah, Nevada, or northern California. The program team is already working on the events. At the Heathman Lodge.

Aug. 24 Summer Leadership Conference

Join us Saturday Aug. 24 at Wenatchee Convention Center, 8:30 am check-in and breakfast. Come Friday if you like – our Board will meet on Friday afternoon at the Wenatchee Coast Hotel.

The theme for this year’s meeting is Exploring the Challenges of Change. Click here to read/print the program/agenda…

This is not just for those who are or will soon be branch leaders. It’s also for those considering a leadership role. After the meeting, you should be able to say: “I can do that.” I believe we all have leadership skills but don’t know. — AAUW WA President Judy Prince

$40 includes a continental breakfast and lunch and pays for the facility rental. Click here to register and pay…

The recommended hotel for those who wish to stay overnight is:
The Coast Wenatchee Center Hotel
201 North Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee
Reservations 509-662-1234– ask for the AAUW of Washington Discount
or online click here…

2019 State Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting April 12-13 2019

Bellingham Branch President Judith Entwife in her Suffragette costume marking Bellingham Branch’s 100th anniversary

Holiday Inn, Bellingham International Airport

Click here to read/print the program.

The meeting starts with dinner on Friday and continues through a day of speakers and workshops on Saturday. Kim Churches is our dinner speaker, CEO of national AAUW. This is our chance to hear how AAUW will continue to be relevant in the 21st Century. CLICK HERE TO READ/PRINT PRESENTATION…
Read more about Kim…

Speakers for Saturday:

  • Keynote – Immigration Rights – Helping Families, Women and Children in a Time of Need – attorneys Leta Sanchez and Holly Pai. CLICK HERE TO READ/PRINT PRESENTATION…
  • Amy Klosterman, Title IX attorney who speaks about her experience in the US Office of Civil Rights.

We elect the Secretary and 2 board members at the meeting.


2019 Lobby Day

Monday, January 28, 2019

Port Townsend branch members 2019 Lobby Day

AAUW WA Lobbyist Pam Crone

8 am to 1 pm
St. John’s Episcopal Church
114 20th Ave SE, Olympia

Sunday night lodging at the Hilton Garden Inn in Olympia

Our speakers include Fajer Saeed Ebrahim, a specialist on reproductive justice with Legal Voice, and Pam Crone, a lawyer and lobbyist who has represented AAUW-WA, Legal Voice, and other clients in Olympia for over 18 years. Pam’s legal and lobbying expertise covers a wide variety of issues, including women’s and LGBTQ legal rights, domestic violence, homelessness, and other economic and social justice issues. She has also taught law at the Seattle University and the University of Washington Schools of Law.

Learn more about these issues by reading Eileen Baratuci’s article in our Fall 2018 Evergreen newsletter – click and read page 3…

Fajer will speak about the state of Washington laws regarding reproductive justice and sexual assault on college campuses. Pam will update us on the specific laws we are stressing this year as we unleash our forces on the legislature.

Organized by our Board Public Policy Chair – Karen Anderson


You have choices for lunch: three different half sandwiches, half salad boxes or two salad boxes.

— Half Sandwich, Half Salad Box
Turkey with Seasonal Greens or Greek Salad
Ham & Cheese with Seasonal Greens or Greek Salad
Tuna Salad with Seasonal Greens or Greek Salad
— Salad Box: salad, piece of Baguette and a cookie
Seasonal Greens Salad
Greek Salad

Contact us 425-422-2833 if you have to have a change to your lunch order.

Registration $25 per person – click here to register…

If you are spending Sunday night in Olympia, the state board is staying at the Hilton Garden Inn. Call Christy Vasquez at 360-357-2972 to reserve a room at a reduced rate. The board has not selected a restaurant for Sunday evening, but please let me know if you would like to join us: .

Aug. 2018 Ellensburg – Panel Discussion

Three members representing a large branch, a medium-sized branch and a small branch, Mary Williams (Gig Harbor Branch), Dale Spears (Port Townsend Branch) and I, met in person and online to organize our panel presentation.  We tackled the weighty subject of Public Policy Objectives and Mission Based Programming!  We wanted to share how we do this in our three very different-sized branches located in Eastern and Western Washington.  This is what we presented at the Leadership Conference. [click here to print/download presentation slides… Part 1…
Part 2…]

After each presentation, and to encourage leadership skills in the participants, we divided them into small groups and asked them to share how they dealt with the following branch issues. Here is a summary of some of the fabulous ways in which inventive members strive to be proactive in Public Policy Objectives and Mission Based Programming all over the state. We hope they will inspire your branch to adopt or adapt some of these ideas!

1. How can AAUW Branches coordinate public outreach and education with local organizations to broaden the reach of our mission?

• Partner with elementary schools for Math, Reading, Computers
• Attend local school award ceremonies and appear briefly to give publicity to local branch efforts to support school community (Tech Trek, scholarships, etc.)
• Public Forums, like on the “Deeper in Debt: Women and Student Loans” Report or hosting a Candidates Night
• Partner with local community colleges
• Middle Schools: reaching out to 7th grade teachers to nominate girls for Tech Trek
• High School scholarships
• Local Woman of Excellence: nomination from the community for a woman that has made a difference in the community, with 3 letters of recommendation, publicity
• Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) for students, local community college and local companies that provide STEM jobs
• Soroptimist: working with women in business and outreach to middle and high school girls for offering scholarships
• Organize local Garden Tour as a fundraiser
• Honor local immigrants in the community
• Host an event related to women’s suffrage at a local museum: centennial of the 19th Amendment is coming up in 2020!
• Join League of Women Voters on registering voters, say, at colleges or retirement communities
• Join Kiwanis on relevant events and projects to share fundraising
• Give grants to local youth organizations that empower girls
• Join local women’s film festivals

2. How does your branch target recruitment/retainment? What do you do that’s unique to recruit/retain?

• Reaching out to scholarship recipients and Tech Trek parents
• Develop a rack card
• Publicity of upcoming meetings, photos of projects posted in local paper; develop contacts with local reporters (some may have daughters in middle school)
• Attending community events, like tabling at local Farmers Markets, tabling at a Peace & Justice Fair, job fairs
• Supporting an AAUW Students Club
• Have members participate in an “Invite a Colleague” day
• Handing out business cards and developing an elevator pitch to go with it: ‘What is AAUW?’
• Do a program similar to the AAUW-WA Leadership Conference in local branch
• Reach out to AAUW National members who live in your area to attend a branch meeting
• Occasionally hold meetings at desirable locations, like historic homes, Spring teas
• Special orientation meeting for new members

3. How does your branch look for ways to adapt and change?

• Be willing to take baby steps, patience and TLC with recalcitrant members
• Interested visitors: do follow-ups with visitors interested in joining
• Having mission-based speakers for the public
• Have meetings at times when women who work can attend
• Keep up branch webpage
• Find out about and invite teacher and professor retirees
• Require every interest group in your branch to have a person in a leadership role
• Find out people’s expertise to encourage leadership roles within branch
• Transparency about politics
• Twitter feed
• Arrange seating at meetings in a different, more participatory way
• Strategic planning with a consultant

Submitted by Yvonne Berliner, Palouse-Garfield Branch

2018 State Convention

SPOKANE – APRIL 27 – 29, 2018

Our speakers and their organizations advocate for equality; support equal access to educational, pursue professional opportunities for women and girls; promote women in leadership; and push to make our communities a better place to live and thrive.

Photos: Judy Prince, President; Dr. Bonnie Dunbar; Delancey Lane; S’Heros fun photo of Port Townsend attendees; incoming State Board members; Eileen Baratuci introducing Sue Guenter-Schlesinger and Kim Anderson. See more photos on our Facebook album…

Washington’s grandest hotel – they say…

Highlights and available presentations you can view:

  • Learn about the student debt crisis, the impact on women graduates and discuss what needs to change [view presentation…]
  • Learn how to improve our branches and connect with groups helping to improve their community [view Delancey Lane Univ. and Campus Liaison presentation…]
  • Explore the challenges women face in the workplace, from a generational perspective from boomers to millennials [view Eileen Baratuci and Delancey Lane presentation – Part 1… Part 2…]
  • Hear an insider’s view from The Gates Foundation and an update from AAUW National
  • Discuss with Washington State Legislators key legislation amending equal pay laws and ensuring fair hiring practices
  • Hear explanations from University EEO Officers how to retain a broad scope for Title IX, despite federal changes
  • Join Tech Trek participants and volunteers to see how our camps inspired them
  • Learn how to recruit and train women for leadership roles now and in the future.