State Officers

Updated April 2021. To connect to a particular branch, please contact that branch directly.
For short biographies of some of our officers, click here…

State President
Mary Williams
State Vice President
Karen Anderson
State Secretary
Susie Johnson
State VP Finance
Kyle McEligot
State Membership Director
India Nishi
State Program Director
Jeanie Glaspell
State Public Policy Director
Karen Anderson

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State College and University Relations Director
Yvonne Berliner
State Special Projects Fund
Judy Rogers
AAUW Funds —
State Communications Director
Judy Peasley
Communications team members:
Evergreen Newsletter Editor: Melinda Hearsey
Webmaster: Leslie Roubal
Facebook Social Media: Mary Letterman
State Bylaws Director
Karen Manelis
State Nominations Director
Tech Trek Washington Director
Karen Manelis
State AAUW Funds
Directors at Large
Five Star Program – India Nishi
Sandra Ripley Distelhorst