Lobby Day 2021


Karen Anderson, our Public Policy director, and Nancy Sapiro, our new lobbyist have scheduled a virtual Lobby Day. They are developing plans for the meeting and a list of bills for us to support. All members are encouraged to participate.

SIGN UP BY JAN. 25 – The planners will need a list of attendees and their e-mail addresses by Monday, January 25. Send your name and email address to advocacy@aauw-wa.org

THE MEETING PLAN: The day will include speakers on our bills, a short workshop on creating candidate comparisons for future elections, and information on techniques for virtual lobbying.

PREPARE: What will it mean to engage in virtual lobbying?  What can you do to begin preparations for this experiment?

  • Identify your legislators and make contact with them or their legislative aide early.  You will need to provide them with information about AAUW and arrange for meetings with them.  We will be providing advice on this process.
  • Plan talking points for our bills.
  • Click here to read more about our progress this year on policies that we are engaged in…