Webinar June 17 – Opportunity Matters

The Gender Pay Gap
Saturday June 17

Our Keynote Speaker for the 2023 Fall Webinar Series will be Dr. Season Hoard, a professor in the Division of Governmental Studies and Services (DSGS) at WSU. Dr. Hoard will introduce our 2023 topic: Opportunity Matters. She will speak primarily about topics such as the gender pay gap, but will also touch on preparing women for employability in high wage, high demand STEM fields.

She has been responsible for developing applied research designs, conducting evaluation research, coordinating research projects, and managing client expectations since 2016. Prior to 2016, Dr. Hoard served as the Research Coordinator, coordinating and conducting applied research projects. Prior to joining DGSS, Season earned her Ph.D. from the School of Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs at WSU with a focus on comparative public policy and gender and politics.