Webinars Fall 2023


For our fall, 2023, webinar series, “Opportunity Matters” was a powerful theme. The webinars had a future focus, as well as examples of current practice, to showcase what will make AAUW’s vision of equal opportunity a reality.

Completed 2023 WEBINARS

June kickoff – Dr Season Hoard presented “The Gender Pay Gap: The Opportunity Lost Cost of the Gender Pay Gap on Washington Women” – CLICK FOR PRESENTATION VIDEO –>

September 12:  “Advocacy and Legislation Matter.”  AAUW-WA lobbyist Nancy Sapiro and Public Policy Director Sandra Distelhorst talked about upcoming legislation, such as Keep Our Care Act and Equity in Education bills. Then Sandra talked with Gina Masullo about her research on political engagement and opportunities to advance gender equity through political action. Dr. Masullo is the author of The New Town Hall: Why We Engage Personally with Politicians, and two other books on online engagementAs a gender-nonconforming breast cancer patient, Gina Masullo has had personal experience with gendered bias in healthcare.

October 3: State Senator Karen Keiser, author of Getting Elected Is the Easy Part, shared her observations about opportunities for upcoming generations of women legislators and leaders. To view the recording, go to this link and use passcode: xam.3hyW

October 10: Focus on Literacy – Cat Howell, Executive Director of Literacy Source in Seattle, and Katherine Freimund, director of Whatcom Literacy Council, described how their organizations help women gain skills and education to create opportunities for themselves and their families.

November 14: Jessica Gerdes, Manager of Outreach and Mentorship at the Department of Translational Medicine and Physiology at Washington State University. By introducing students  to healthcare roles such as EMT, her program addresses the shortage of healthcare providers in rural areas in our state. View slides used by Jessica Gerdes in her presentation. To view the recording, go to this link and use passcode: !5.k5vWp

December 12: Grace Yoo, Executive Director of the Washington State Women’s Commission, established in 2018 by Governor Inslee. She discussed the work of the commission and  opportunities for women in leadership. View slides used by Grace Yoo in her presentation. To view the recording, go to this link and use passcode: #8XWM#Yu