Summer 2023 Leadership Meeting

Summer Leadership Meeting
Sat. August 5 

Our state organization’s annual leadership meeting – all members were invited. AAUW-WA board makes leadership development interesting, useful, and even fun. There is open dialogue and an environment of collaboration, which inspires members to become or continue as confident leaders.


What AAUW records should your keep? Our first speaker of the morning was Ruth Seele from the Center for NW Studies at Western Washington University. She is an archivist for AAUW branches in the NW corner of Washington and AAUW WA. Where do you take the records you keep? What are you doing to keep a snapshot of what you are doing now? Think of the space you can free up in your basement!! KEYNOTE SPEAKER PRESENTATION SLIDES LINK –>

Opening Remarks from our President – Emily Hitchens – AAUW WA Strategic Plan 2023 SLIDES LINK –>

Breakout sessions:

We missed hearing from Sandra Distelhorst, AAUW WA Public Policy , but she reviewed and updated the state AAUW and national stance and actions YOU CAN TAKE to support the ERA/ Equal Rights Amendment – click here…

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