Statewide Summit Meetings 2022-23

Sustainability Summit meetings to discuss AAUW in Washington State.

Next meeting – Sunday, Mar. 12 – 2 pm
Click for ZOOM meeting –>>


  • Presenting and discussing the proposed Bylaws changes (both ours and National’s)
  • Revisions to the Policies and Procedures as approved by the State Board
  • Introducing the candidates up for election.

We are invited to join our AAUW-WA leadership to take action to strengthen our statewide membership. Every AAUW-WA member is encouraged to attend. We are experiencing the dissolution of branches. This is happening for a variety of reasons, but primarily because of a lack of new leadership, resulting in burnout for those willing to assume leadership roles. Our most impactful programs are in danger, which threatens our ability to attract and retain new members. We need to find solutions and we need your help.

Next Steps

  • Developing a Presentation with Action Items for AAUW-WA Annual Meeting in April 2023