2023 Annual State Conference

See the Youtube/Zoom recordings below to review the sessions.



Our headline speaker, Emily Stone, will help us learn more about domestic violence in Washington State, and how her organization is working to seek legislative and policy change particularly in the areas of prevention and support for survivors. As we look for groups with whom we/AAUW can partner, we will discuss how WASCDV work intersects with ours, and how we can potentially collaborate with them in the future.

Our afternoon Business Meeting covers our organizational changes and updates. For those newer members of AAUW, the business meeting will help you understand the workings of the state organization.

8:15 – 12  Annual Meeting program
8:45 Keynote Speaker – Emily Stone, Public Policy Director at the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WASCDV). Read more…

10 – Reaching Out to Younger Women – College & University Program Chair Nadine Stecklein (Walla Walla) and Elena Cervantes (Edmonds Sno-King)

10:55 – Spreading the Word – Social Media Coordinator and member of our Communications Team Katherine Cleland (Seattle)

11:45  Break – Grab a quick bite and pour a glass of wine to sip as we hear from our Women in Wine Panel.  

12 – 1pm  Women in Wine Panel – Facilitated by Debbie Dumont (Walla Walla)

1 pm – Business Meeting

  • $35- AAUW member
  • $20- student member
  • $20- 1st time attendee