2020 – Multi-State AAUW Convention

April 17-19, 2020 – Vancouver, Washington

Reserve the dates on your calendar. This will be a record breaking important regional meeting inviting AAUW’ers from Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii.  We are also inviting AAUW members from across the US. The program team is already working on the events. At the Heathman Lodge.

We will recognize the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage at Saturday’s dinner.  Bring your suffrage white to wear that evening.  Judith Entwistle, Bellingham branch, has a terrific outfit that includes purple and gold as well as white. There will also be a program focused on women’s history.  Other speakers are still being negotiated.

Time to plan the AAUW Funds fundraiser. This year’s proceeds will benefit AAUW’s Greatest Needs Fund. The activity will feature a basket raffle and a selection of gift cards for use throughout the region.

Details and registration information will be available early in 2020.  We will have an early-bird discount again this year