2020 Lobby Day – Jan. 27

Monday, Jan. 27 – 8 am
St. John’s Episcopal Church, Olympia

Port Townsend branch members 2019 Lobby Day

Legislative contact information is available at:

SPEAKERS – Our morning speakers include Steve Breaux of Planned Parenthood who will speak on a bill to provide comprehensive, scientifically accurate, and age appropriate sex education in Washington’s public schools. The proposed curriculum will include information about the importance of consent in sexual encounters.

Margaret Babayan, Washington Center for Budget and Public Policy, will speak on the need for tax equity in Washington, including the effects on women of our current regressive tax structure and the contents of the bills proposed to address it.

Pam Crone, AAUW-WA lobbyist, and Karen Anderson, AAUW-WA public policy director, will provide more information on the other bills we are supporting.

Our focus bills list for Lobby Day – click here to read/download. The two carry-over bills are unlikely to pass, but I included them anyway. Our highest priorities are the sex education and tax equity bills.

We are recommending that our members send our concerns and questions to their legislators in advance of Lobby Day.

We look forward to seeing you there. For those who cannot make it to Olympia, we are recommending that they email or phone their legislators on or before our Lobby Day to express your support for our legislative agenda. Thanks!

Karen Anderson – Public Policy AAUW Washington