Aug. 7 Summer Leadership Meeting



It’s time to hone our leadership skills! This meeting features speakers and workshops on a variety of topics. We will begin with a talk on the current state of Title IX from Amy Klosterman, an attorney specializing in Title IX law and a member of the Seattle branch of AAUW. The 50th anniversary of Title IX will occur in 2022 and we will want to be well informed as we plan commemorative activities and work to advance the goal of gender equity in education.

We have workshops on:

  • public policy skill development provided by Sandra Distelhort, our new AAUW-WA Public Policy Director
  • Successful membership strategies from Cathy Cavness and Kathy Halsan of the Lewis County branch and the AAUW-WA board
  • A discussion led by Karen Anderson focused on using branch histories and members’ oral histories to build branch community
  • Communication tools from Judy Peasley, Communication Director of AAUW-WA
  • Social media tips from Katherine Cleland, a social media consultant, the newest member of the state communications team, and a member of the Seattle branch
  • Break-out sessions on a variety of topics to conclude the meeting.

More participants will mean higher quality discussions and better follow up after the meeting, so please plan to make time for this crucial event. We need your expertise and experience as we move forward in building our branches and AAUW-WA. Thank you for all you do to advance the wellbeing of girls and women in the state of Washington!