Equal Pay

The gender pay gap is in the October 2023 national news thanks to the Nobel Prize in Economics being awarded to Claudia Goldin for her research on women in the workforce and the gender pay gap.
Her research on economic contributors to the gender pay gap suggest the best way to close the gap is to rethink our workplace model to allow flexible work hours and less face time, as well as provide government subsidized childcare and parental leave. Check out the many articles circulating on Goldin’s Nobel Prize and her research.

March 14 is Equal Pay Day 2023
“This symbolic day denotes how far into the year women must work to be paid what men were paid the previous year. Equal Pay Day 2023 is on March 14 to represent the current state of the gender pay gap: 83% for full-time workers and 77% for all workers…” reprinted from aauw.org

We know that gender pay discrimination isn’t a myth; it’s math. And the wage gap isn’t just a number. It represents families scrambling to pay for food, gas, housing, education, and child care.

Read more about pay inequity in the landmark research conducted by AAUW, WHERE WE STAND ON EQUAL PAY –>.

The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap

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