Candidate Comparison Tools

State Level — Legislators

  • Candidate Comparison on AAUW Issues
  • 2021 Legislator Scorecard
  • 2022 Legislator Scorecards  – We use BillTrack50 to monitor our legislators’ positions on AAUW issues. See Scorecard on our 2022 Lobby Day bills. The report is searchable by Legislator, District and much more. There is even a map function that shows how districts voted by issue topic such as Education, Healthcare, or Gender-related Violence.
  • 2022 Legislator Scorecard on Voting Rights and Election Process – In Washington state we have laws that protect many of these voting rights to some extent, but our laws could be improved. Every year legislators introduce bills to improve our state laws. Every year a small group of legislators introduce bills that would instead restrict voting rights. AAUW-WA tracks voting rights legislation and which legislators support or oppose voting rights legislation. It’s important to elect legislators who will protect our voting rights.

National Level — Congress