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Federal Way Branch 50th Anniversary Invitation

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Evergreen Leader – Summer 2014

AAUW Washington All Members Meeting


Celebrating a Balanced Portfolio of Outstanding Programs

Hal Holmes Center, 209 Ruby Street, Ellensburg  98926

Saturday, August 23, 2014

8:30 am – 3:30 pm 

Dear AAUW Leaders,
Summer Starts!  Welcome to all the new leaders and to those of you continuing in your roles.  I want to make sure that each of you knows about our Leaders and Members Meeting in Ellensburg on Saturday, August 23rd at the Hal Holmes Center.  I invite you to come and bring one newer member with you.
We have an AAUW Washington promise for the Summer All Leader and Member Meeting:
  • You will meet at least one new person . . . .
  • You will learn at least one new thing . . .  .
  • You will discover something new about AAUW to take back to your branch . . . .
Come for Education, Come for Advocacy (we’ll talk about Gun Control – a carry-over from Convention), Come for Equity, Come for Philanthropy!  Our theme is AAUW Investments for the Future.

Registration is open now; hold your space.

  The cost, which includes lunch, is the same as last year, $50 ($25 for students).  Regular registration closes August 8th.  Late registration will cost you $10 more and registering the day of the event is $70.  If you want to come in early and stay at the Comfort Inn, rooms there cost the same as they did last year.  A group of us will be heading out to dinner at a local restaurant.

Register on-line for free; mail your checks to Dellanie Fragnoli, VP Finance.  Here’s the link:   https://www.eventbrite.com/e/aauw-washington-2014-all-members-meeting-tickets-12084552221    Dellanie Fragnoli, 4027 Wells Ave N, Renton WA 98056
Student Fee Waiver (pdf format)
Student Fee Waiver (WORD format)
Feel free to share this information and encourage your branch members to sign up now.  Come as a team.  I look forward to seeing each of you at this meeting!  We’ve had a fabulous year; this one will be even better!  Let’s celebrate together.
Kelvie C. Comer

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Federal Way Branch 50th Anniversary Invitation

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